Foldable Simtoo Drone with super long flight time, perfect for traveling

Simtoo Drone

Through Tarot series of drone frame kits, we know about foldable arms, but we had never heard of foldable aircraft until the presence of Simtoo Drone which is the first one adopting that design. This cool black drone is in size of 25*20*6cm after folding,  it is really convenient to carry outside.

Simtoo Drone

As you can see from the picture, Simtoo Drone carries a 2D brushless gimbal and a camera but not a built-in small lens that other drones in similar size often adopt. Through the cooperation of these two equipment, we can enjoy stable footage and 1080 HD images from Simtoo Drone. However, they are light, so this set of photographic tools won’t be burdens of your drone, and it can still fly agilely. So, by far, in my opinion, this drone is perfect for travel.

Simtoo Drone

Well, after having deeper knowing of this drone, i found my idea is right, it does good for travel. It features Autonomous Follow mode, so we don’t need to worry it will fly out of our sight. Also, during the following, the drone will record everywhere we pass, making our journey more memorable. What’s more, the Position Hold further help us to have perfect shooting effect.

The above features are great, but when you hear that Simtoo Drone is able to give you 30-minute flight time, i think you will be crazy! Also for me, i felt amazing with the super long flight time of this drone in such a size, even the DJI Phantom quadcopters can reach this level!

What are you waiting for? Take Simtoo Drone to travel! You can purchase the product by following this link.

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