SimonK 30A is the best selling ESC

SimonK 30A

I even didn’t know the existence of SimonK 30A ESC and i didn’t know how it happened, i just bought four. They are the cheapest Simonk ESC with wires in very good material and quality workmanship. It is easy to set up, i had to calibrate them before i took my quad for a first fly, and after calibration, it worked greatly.

SimonK 30A ESC

I used these SimonK 30A ESC with Emax 935KVmotors, 1045 props, amp 2.8 and they performed superbly. They were fast enough, the response rate is more than 490Hz, which ensure fastest response of the motor and quietest operations. The one that was not supplying the FC from its BEC was completely cool to the touch after 15 minutes of flying, and the one that was using its BEC was also barely warm to the touch, no heat after 10 minutes of running, which made me pretty satisfied.

SimonK 30A ESC

I’ve been using these four SimonK 30A ESCs for several months and they are very good, never had a problem with these ESC. It is easy to upgrade and is with good grade from standard airplane ESC’s with the high refresh rate. I had the refresh rate dialed all the way up to the max in mission planner and these never skipped a beat.

SimonK 30A ESC is really good with good quality ratio,responsive and good value, I recommend! If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page on Banggood and can be ordered here.

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