RC280 Glassy Carbon and RC280 Carbon Fiber

RC280 Glassy Carbon

If you keep closed eyes on RC quadcopter frames, you will not feel strange to this RC280 Glassy Carbon which is greatly similar with RC280 Carbon Fiber. Yes, as their names imply, they are made from different materials while the sizes and the whole constructions are the same.

RC280 Glassy Carbon

Why the manufacturer made two similar quadcopter frames while adopting different materials? Because different material has different characteristics. The carbon fiber features light, high-strength and hard-to-deform. The glassy carbon is also in light weight as well as high slag penetration resistance. So your buying decision depends on what features are most suitable for your flight needs.

RC280 Carbon Fiber

From the pictures, we can also see that these two have mounting holes for cameras, which means that both RC280 Glassy Carbon and RC280 Carbon Fiber are also little FPV quads with aerial photography function. What’s good is that the glassy carbon one also comes with rubber damper to decrease vibration during flight.

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So we can see that both RC280 Glassy Carbon and RC280 Carbon Fiber are nice frames perfect for assembling your own FPV quad, have a pleasant trip with them. You can purchase the product by following this link.

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