Syma X13, a high quality mini quad

Syma X13

Syma X13 is a mini quadcopter in size of 15.6 x 15.6 x 3.6cm, but i don’t think it is suitable for all-level players because it only offers left hand throttle which is closed to real drone operations, so it has some difficulties in controlling. No matter it is in black or red, it looks beautiful with streamlined shape and smooth tinting.
Syma X13
Although Syma X13 is mini, it is a really high quality quad. Manufacturer spent a lot of effort on structure construction. The protective frame aims to prevent damaging when flight, the plastic propeller is hard to break with strong elasticity, the fully wrapped motors are safer to rotate, and the anti-collision foot pad makes your landing more stable. All these are enough to convince people that this little quad is strong.

Just like other drones in similar size, this Syma X13 is also equipped with a 6-axis gyro, making it possible to implement difficult action like 360º rotation. On the other hand, this multi-axis gyro enables your quad to own stronger wind resistance, so your flight will be more stable and it is no problem to fly in the slight breeze. Driven by the super power motors,

Syma X13

This one is without camera setting, but LED lights are available. The flight time is just not bad, about 5 minutes. Compared with other similar drones, there are many common features actually. So if you want a reason to convince you to buy Syma X13, that is the strict manufacturing requirements that are obviously better than others.  If you are interested on this drone, you can be order it from BG for only $29.99 right here.

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