TROO E18XB V2, a RC car perfect for children to play


If you have ever touched YiKong series of RC cars, you’ll not feel strange to this TROO E18XB V2 because this series cars share the same painting patterns on their car shells. This one comes in red, which creates eye-catching visual effect. It is in size of 225*180*72mm, suitable for children and i believe your kid will like it.

TROO E18XB V2TROO E18XB V2 applies 4WD to achieve higher efficient driving. Besides, it integrates powerful brushed 380 motor, high torque servo, which makes the running pretty exciting and speedy to meet children’ playing needs. By the way, the adopted motor, servo and transmitter are a set, so the interaction among them will be very sensitive to quickly implement users’ orders. Moreover,  the large-capacity battery offers running time up to 8 minutes and the maximum remote control distance is 200m, which brings more fun to play.


Although it is a toy suitable for children, TROO E18XB V2 ensures everything good enough to make your kids playing experience happy. In addition to the nice power equipment, it is also strict with the exterior manufacturing. It adopts four big wheels with strong skip-proof. All gear and plastic parts are from Taiwan with high quality. The chassis, upper deck and gear box are set to get lower barycenter and easy for operation. All these creates a high strength structure to support different power to run.


Have one for your kid and give them a happy running.  If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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