ZTW 10A BEC UBEC For RC Models to ensure safer and superior performance


Most of us don’t know what is the UBEC. UBEC ‘s full name is Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit- an external electronic circuit that taps power from your aircraft’s battery pack and regulates the voltage down to the necessary 5 or 6 volts for the receiver, servos, lights and retracts. ZTW 10A BEC UBEC offers you the easiest and least expensive way to protect your plane from an ESC failure or ‘brown out” conditions.

ZTW 10A BEC UBECThe ZTW UBEC is easy to install between your aircraft’s battery and receiver. It is a crucial device if your ESC does not have a battery eliminator circuit or if the current draw of your receiver, servos, retracts, and lights exceeds the current capacity of your ESC ‘s internal BEC. It provides ultimate safety in the event of an ESC failure, allowing you to retain full control of flight surfaces and landing gear, and decreases the electromagnetic interference for a secure receiver connection.

ZTW 10A BEC UBECZTW 10A BEC UBEC does not replace the speed controller, it replaces the BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) or SBEC (Switching Battery Elimination Circuit) function embedded in the electronic speed controller, with voltage control capabilities and more available current. The blue LED light display to show the BEC is active and working properly

ZTW 10A BEC UBECIn conclusion, if you want to have more available current to critical flight control components, reduce the chances of brown out and own superior performance, ZTW 10A BEC UBEC is recommended for you! If you want more info check the full info over on our product page here.

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