Eachine CCD 700tvl camera is a nice FPV system for your drone

Eachine CCD 720tvl camera

Do you want to have a cheaper system to run on your quad to have a FPV flight? Have a look at this Eachine CCD 720tvl camera. It comes with a CCD 700tvl 148°Camera and a transmitter, which is very good for FPV. The image quality is similar with the DAL & Eachine CMOS 700tvl cameras. The difference is transitioning to bright or dim lighting.

Eachine CCD 700tvl

Eachine CCD 720tvl camera comes well-protected in it’s package and includes everything to start. It just works like a charm, easy to set up and no issues with it at all. There are more board mounted components, so screwing into a camera plate might require spacing 2mm off. This CCD camera doesn’t go white, improving your chance of not hitting objects in flight. The image quality is very good. I really like the video output on my large screen. There should have had a low pass filter but can be bought separately.

Eachine CCD 700tvlThe transmitter is also pretty good. It is easy to switch between channels and the current channel is shown by group of LED lights. It works fine outdoor in line-of-sight with remote distance about 200-300 meters. In addition, it is compatible with Fatshark goggles, FS and Immersion RC. The transmitter gets hot when works even though i haven’t had any overheating issues. For long term use, i do suggest to get a heat sink or small fan for the transmitter as it comes without any and is overheating quickly to very high temperature.

Eachine CCD 720tvl cameraEachine CCD 720tvl camera would be a great backup system in case your FPV gear goes down. A mounting bracket or casing for the transmitter would make this an awesome product, and it would be nicer if the camera module are incapsulated. Anyway, this is a perfect system for your drone, i do recommend it! If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page on Banggood and can be ordered here.

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