DYS 250 Power Combo combing 5030 Propeller 1806-2300KV Motor BL10A ESC

DYS 250

If you are looking for components for your beloved RC airplane, have a try with this DYS 250. It is a power combo integrating 1806-2300KV motor, BL10A ESC and 5030 propeller, which would save a lot of trouble for you.

DYS 250First of all, let’s have a look at its motor. The adopted motor is DYS BE1806 2300KV Motor which is tiny and nice coming complete with mounting bolts, a prop adapter and 150mm power leads with 2mm bullet connectors., ideal for small to medium sized multirotors. The motor leads are good quality silicon, which is heat-resistant, wear-resistant and offers longer service time.

Motor specs:
Height: 0.85 inches
Width: 0.90 inches
Weight: 18g
Motor mount hole size: M2
Mounting pattern: 2*12mm and 2*16mm

The ESC in DYS 250 is DYS BL10A ESC that is specially designed for multicopter. It is used process ultra low resistance MOSFET with miniaturization, and all flashes are N MOS with high withstand current( the ESC can withstand 13A current, and will not be burned).

This ESC has wide compatibility. The copper thickness of PCB is particularly thickened, low heating, so it is good for small aircraft. In addition, the throttle response is fast, making it compatible well with motor. What’s more, with the maximum refresh frequency up to 500Hz throttle signal, this ESC also works good with all flight controls.

ESC specs:
With BLHeli Program
Without BEC

DYS 250 combines 5030 propellers in this group. They are excellent light and durable being made of plastics. Turned out to be nicely balanced and they add nearly no vibrations attached to a small motor. It fits for many quadcopters especially the 250mm mini quad.

Propeller specs:
Inch: 5
Pitch: 30
2*5030 CW
2*5030 CCW

Combing three quality components, DYS 250 works fine, they don’t get too warm at all. But if you want to achieve that effect, make sure your plane is in perfect condition before every flight: 1, Check your connections regularly 2. Balance your props nicely. If you want more info check the full info over on our DYS 250 page.

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