Syma X4S, an adorable mini drone

Syma X4S

Do you feel familiar with Syma X4S’s appearance? Right, it is similar with WLtoys V666N being consisted of four circles, but this one is much smaller, in size of 15.5*14*3.5 cm, making it look so cute. It comes with two colors for you to choose, they are white and red.

Syma X4S

The circles are made of highly elastic plastic. For one hand, they create a unique appearance; for another, they act as protectors to ensure an anti-collision and anti-fall flight performance.

Syma X4S

Mini drone always brings funny flight experience. Simple operation is a part of the reasons, the most important is the various aerobatic flights. Syma X4S is equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, enabling it to perform stunts like 360 degree continuous roll and more scheduled flight, the operation is more to the force.

The largest advantage of mini drones certainly is the unbeatable convenience. Like Syma X4S, it can easily fit any pocket and you are able to play it at anytime and anywhere. The adopted remote controller offers excellent frequency and bandwidth, so you will also have fun to play indoors.

Flight time with Syma X4S is about 5.5 minutes. It supports USB charging, which is convenient for outdoor playing. So far, Syma X4S seems no special point compared with other mini drones, but we can’t deny it is really funny.

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