Sunnysky X2820 Brushless Motor For RC Models

SunnySky brushless motors are made of quality components that are normally only seen in high end products, and are designed to give years of high performance. Every motor has been carefully balanced and tested in the factory. That’s why we should choose it. Now let’s have a look at one of its member- Sunnysky X2820.

SunnySky X2820

Sunnysky X2820 is suitable for all RC models. it only weighs 140g, which will not add burden for your drone, so you can still have agile flights. It is made adopting durable Japanese NMB ball bearing and Japanese Kawasaki stator steels, making this motor work more efficiently, and perfect for people who pursue speedy flight.

SunnySky X2820

Adopting CNC machined and anodized aluminum case and soft silicone wire leads, Sunnysky X2820 is solid, wear-resistance and heat-resistance, so that we can enjoy a longer using time with it.

SunnySky X2820

For maximum life, we suggest to install motors and accessories properly, and put a small drop of oil on each bearing every 10 flights. If phenomena of motor vibration, shaking, roughness, or notches in bearings are observed after a period of use, it is suggested to replace motor bearings immediately. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the bearings are maintained properly and periodically.

For the best overall combination of performance, quality, and value, use SunnySky X2820 in your aircraft. If you want more info check the full info over on our product page.

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