XK K123, a good-to-fly mini helicopter

XK K123

We have seen many mini quadcopters, mini helicopters are rare. But now you can also play helicopters at home. XK K123 is the mini helicopter, who shares many common features with XK K110. It is 238mm long and 77mm high, allowing you to have fun indoors. This is a unique copter in the market because of the three rotor blades design which would provide strong power and body self stability. Together with the fine appearance, it is really eye-catching.

XK K123

Just like other XK series of RC airplanes, this XK K123 also supports free switch between 3D and 6G mode to meet different levels of players’ needs. No matter which mode you use, this helicopter can perform aerobatics for you such as rolling, inverted flying, side flying and hurricane flying. But if you are a beginner, the 6G mode will be more suitable for you because it is super stable and can make you feel like an expert when controlling the copter.

XK K123Although XK K123 is mini, it is very dynamic to fly. Powered by 1106 rotor brushless motor, and the 3-axis/ 6-axis gyro( depending on which mode you use), it is powerful during flight and sensitive to change flying directions, making the whole operation full of stimulation. Besides, with 500mAh Li-Po battery, it can fly about 5 minutes which is not long, but thanks to the short charging time about 30- 60 minutes, we can continue to fly soon. Another good way to extend flight time is to charge 2 batteries at the same time via the included USB charger( it comes with two batteries), so when one is out of power, you can mount another one to continue your flight. If you want more info check the full info over on our XK K123 page.

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