ZTW Black Widow Motor, the pioneer who integrates motor and ESC in one

ZTW Black Widow Motor

When we DIY a RC aircraft, we usually hope there will be more installation space. Well, this depends on two aspects: one is wheelbase, another is the sizes of components. ZTW Black Widow Motor is a new brand which is creative because it combines motor and ESC into one to save room on the space-limited multirotor.

ZTW Black Widow Motor

ZTW Black Widow Motor is designed to deliver a clean and quiet power for RC airplanes. It is compact, light and efficient. Besides, it can be easily built. With a reverse switch on the controller, we just need to simply switch it back to right if we find motor rotates in wrong direction. Moreover, it is fully flexible, and with the USB compatible port on the bottom case of the motor, it is very convenient to update and change firmware, so this motor is perfect for DIY.

ZTW Black Widow Motor

The built-in ESC is quality with super smooth throttle linearity. Firmware has been optimized making it own stronger compatibility with various motors. So by bringing fast throttle response, this ESC makes its own contribution to give a powerful flight. As to the motor itself, it is durable being made of all CNC case. Each rotor is well balanced to make sure each motor rotates at the best conditions, and in favor of the original NMB bearing, rotation is quiet. High efficiency is guaranteed by the high temperature 180C and low resistance rated winding wire.

Round shape design makes ZTW Black Widow Motor perfectly fit into the bottom case. MOSFET side attached with bottom creates a better cooling effect so it can be used for longer time. All in all, no matter you want good acceleration effect, efficient working conditions, sensitive response or save installation space, you can find them all in ZTW Black Widow Motor. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.

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