EMAX GT2205/22 1660KV , lighter and more efficient

EMAX GT2205 1660KV

Hobbyists of RC aircraft must know GT series of motors. Actually, GT series of motors have a better compatibility with more different speed controllers and propellers. Compared with other series motors, the GT series are more precise, lighter in weight and higher in efficiency. Today, let’s have a look at one member of it- EMAX GT2205/22 1660KV.

EMAX GT2205 1660KV
This EMAX GT2205/22 1660KV is a brushless motor, in size of 28.5*21.5mm, weighing 23g, which can fit with many other components. It is too light to add burden to your aircraft, so you can still enjoy an agile flight. This motor is built to higher specification than others. It adopts 0.2mm silicon steel and high quality bearings, ensuring high performance and low running temperature in that it can offer longer and safe service time for us. It is perfect motor for the Spark& Trainer sized airplanes.

EMAX GT2205 1660KVThis EMAX GT2205/22 1660KV adopts innovative design providing an integrated 4-leg mount for rear mounting and an integrated prop saver. The power is also improved, i believe it is a suitable ans reliable motor to fit your needs.

EMAX GT2205/22 1660KV

Finally, in order to ensure a safe and smooth use of motors, you’d better regularly check the motor and do some maintenance to prevent potential breakdown as well as a pleasant use. You can purchase the quadcopter by following this link.

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