X-uav One EPO gives a unique fixed-wing aircraft

X-uav One EPO

How can we own a unique fixed-wing aircraft? Well, maybe this brand new X-uav One EPO would help us achieve that. Awesome looking, invincible wingspan length and completely new power structure combine to show an ever cool aircraft.

X-uav One EPO

Awesome looking
Different from other fixed-wing aircraft, X-uav One EPO owns special appearance with the fuselage consisting of two parts: a compartment and a new power structure( we’ll talk about it later). The ultra long wingspan is 1.8 meter, with the whole aircraft length of 1.1 meter, this large-scale aircraft is eye-catching.

Being made of full EPO, this huge kit only weighs 750g and looks high quality. The streamlined shape is beautiful no matter it loads black painting or blue painting. In one word, X-uav One EPO is the symbol of fashion and creativity.

Completely new power structure
Integrating long wingspan and light weight, X-uav One EPO owns good exterior conditions to give you a fancy flight. As to interior part, power equipment is responsible for that.

We can clearly see that this kit comes with completely new power structure, lowering the wing angle of attack and resistance to offer a smoother flight.

X-uav One EPO

In the nose, there is a two-axis servo gimbal that is suitable for mini HD camera, so aerial photography is available. X-uav One EPO also has a built-in AV transmitter and data radio, which will give stable transmission of signal to ensure stable and safe flight.

X-uav One EPO

So, with this X-uav One EPO kit, to create a unique aircraft that only belongs to you. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.

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