WINYEA W3655, fun far more than your expectations


As to selecting toys for kids, the first thing i think of is strong shock resistance. But besides that, what other features we should take into account to make sure our children will like the toy? Well, RC car is a good choice, and this WINYEA W3655 is definitely your children’ favorite. Follow me to figure out why.

WINYEA W3655First of all, as what i mentioned above as well as the prerequisite, toys for kids should be shock resistant. WINYEA W3655 adopts soft plastic to build, which is shock resistant and hard to break. It also applies rear-wheel suspension system to decrease vibration during running. All combine to make this car be used for a longer time.


Secondly, speed is crucial as kids also enjoy excitement. WINYEA W3655 is designed to reach high speed up to 25km/h. You can notice that the front wheels are different from the rear ones which are full of rubber granules to prevent slippery. This is specially designed for reaching drift. Such a speedy and cool car of course should show off outdoors.


Thirdly, do not neglect remote control ability. WINYEA W3655 offers remote distance up to 20m, which makes the car more funny and stimulating to play. What’s more, through remote control, this car can climb wall! I am ready to see your surprising faces and opening mouses.

WINYEA W3655Finally, WINYEA W3655 allows you to play continuously. It uses separating charging, which enables you to replace batteries at will, so we can continue the joy of running by replacing a battery in a short time.

No matter looked from which aspect, WINYEA W3655 is really funny, and i believe it is your children’ favorite toy. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.

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