Walkera Scout X4, diversified functions give an fantastic flight experience

Walkera Scout X4

Speaking of Walkera Scout X4, all i can say is that no matter what functions do you want, it can satisfy you. Today, i divide its functions into several groups to introduce to let you better understand.

Walkera Scout X4Functions for easy operation
Just looked from Walkera Scout X4’s appearance, it is high- end and hard to get close. Actually, it comes with functions of one key to start and one key to go home, trying its best to facilitate your operations. The Designated Flight also helps a lot during flight. You just need to touch mobile screen and set take-off point and destination, it will be under your control anytime.

Walkera Scout X4
Functions for avoiding getting lost
During flight, accurate direction control is vital. Walkera Scout X4 is designed with several features to prevent your quadcopter from losing. You are allowed to set 128 airlines according to the fact of flight requirement, then the copter will fly along your preset routine. My favorite is the Follow Me Mode. We can preset an object for the copter to follow, no matter wherever it goes, the copter will follow it and won’t lost. I also think this mode is suitable to use in extreme sports to record the whole process. The function of follow record track back home works with the same rule.

Walkera Scout X4Walkera Scout X4

FPV function
Nowadays, an airplane without FPV equipment just can’t meet people’ requirements. As an advanced quadcopter, Walkera Scout X4 of course supports FPV function. It comes with a real time telemetry monitoring, so everything about your copter during flight can be shown in front of you. The iPad holder is compatible with tablet phone, ipad, etc. Moreover, the holder also includes back-up power that can extend your viewing time.

Walkera Scout X4

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Walkera Scout X4
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