YiKong 1/18th Truggy

YiKong 1/18th Truggy

Want something to break your quiet life? Still looking for a funny toy for your kids? Come to look at this YiKong 1/18th Truggy. It is an interesting RC car with beautiful appearance, tires good at running as well as shockproof ability, all this combine to give you and your kids a happy running experience.

YiKong 1/18th TruggyAmong various RC cars, YiKong 1/18th Truggy distinguishes from others. The beautiful car shell with comfortable color assortment and quality paint will definitely attract you and your kids from the first sight. Also, you must pay much attention to the eye-catching tires. Yes, this is a four- wheel- driven car, which means you can achieve higher efficiency when driving. As you can see from the picture, there are lots of rubber dots covering the whole tire used to prevent slippery, ensuring a safe journey for you.

YiKong 1/18th TruggyThe above is the external situation that can be seen clearly when buying, it is impossible to unload it and have a look at its internal equipment, while it’s possible here. Move off the shell, YiKong 1/18th Truggy will be shown like that. The whole structure is with high strength, making it suitable for different power requirements. Chassis, upper deck and gear box are set to get lower barycenter and easy for operation. Unique high strength suspension design makes the car very strong to run with you to everywhere. What’s more, gathering powerful brushed RC380 motor and high torque servo and 7.4V high capacity LiPo battery( not included), just have a fast running without hesitation!

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