REPTILE G280 Frame Kit, with double installation space and great FPV capacity

REPTILE G280 Frame Kit

With drone being increasingly popular, assembling drone also becomes an important way for people to gain a drone. REPTILE G280 Frame Kit maybe is what you need if you are going to start assembling.

REPTILE G280 Frame Kit

REPTILE G280 Frame Kit will give you a medium-sized quadcopter. It is made of carbon fiber that is thin, light and high strength, making the whole frame only weigh 127g. The body adopts black matte board with CNC machining, the arm is cut from 3mm matte carbon plate. It comes with standard 280mm wheelbase. But with a chassis, you’ll own two-layer installation space.

REPTILE-G280 Frame Kit

Let’s have a look at the head configuration. REPTILE G280 Frame Kit has a miniature mount for uniaxial gimbal and supports to mount a HD mini camcorder for high-speed flight. Based on personal preferences, you can choose to comprehend FPV equipment so as to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. The installation and replacement of fixed camera is easy to reach. Besides, you can see a mobius damping plate in the nose for your quadcopter to carry a 600TVL mobius, so while flying, you can take high-definition videos and record every moment.

REPTILE G280 Frame Kit

The built-in battery compartment uses the installation design and lightweight aluminum architecture to meet body strength, but also to protect the safety of the battery. The body panels configure more than one output power strips for the power supply while ensure the camera and receiver power requirements. In addition, the central mounting position of the flight control can be applied to a variety of flight control installation.

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