Legends of Xiaomi

Xiaomi Yi Gimbal

Xiaomi is a legend in China. It just be founded several years, but its capital has surpassed BlackBerry. As soon as it releases new products for network sales, they are sold out within an extremely short time. Now, its legend is going to extend to RC field. Xiaomi Yi Gimbal is their first step to try.

Xiaomi Yi Gimbal

This is a beautiful gimbal. Xiaomi Yi Gimbal adopts a white top plate with four red dots at corners, looked nifty. It is made using CNC aluminum alloy processing and black anodized, making this gimbal more solid than others and offers longer service time. Compact structure, light weight and high strength, Xiaomi proves its ability again.

Xiaomi Yi GimbalXiaomi Yi Gimbal is assembled and debugged, ready to fly. It is specially designed for the Xiaomi Xiaoyi Sports Camera and suitable for RC quadcopters, which means your cute Xiaomi camera is no longer a handheld camera only, it is also a tool for aerial photography. In addition, this gimbal comes with three brushless gimbal motors, giving enough power to ensure free movements and completely record everything in the sky. The applied micro 3-axis gimbal driver board gives this machine the confidence to yaw, pitch and tilt, so a wide shooting horizon is available for you.

Xiaomi Yi Gimbal

Xiaomi Yi Gimbal, beautiful and good to shoot. Let’s keep a closed eye on it to see whether it can continue to create legend in RC aircraft field. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page.

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