Eachine BG1306 3100KV Motor

Eachine BG1306

If you are going to start your DIY with Diatone 150/ 180/ 200 glass frame kit and looking for suitable motors, i would like to recommend Eachine BG1306 to you. It is specially designed for 150-200 glass frame kit with 3100KV. It is light with weight of 12g, which won’t be a burden for your copter and you can still have an agile flight.

Eachine BG1306Eachine BG1306 is made using 0.2mm thick and ultra-low loss material, with rotor balancing process and low center of gravity design, which makes the motor work more stable and efficient so that it can provide enough power to give your Diatone the confidence to fly forward.

Diatone Blade 150 Frame Kit

Diatone Blade 150 Frame Kit is the perfect match with Eachine BG1306 3100KV Motor. It measures in at a mere 150mm with FPV capability. It is made of glass fiber, which results in a quadcopter with high strength.

Diatone Blade 150 Frame KitDiatone Blade 150 Frame Kit only weighs only 25.5g coming with built-in 5V 1A BEC. So in addition to BEC, other components need to be prepared by yourself. Apart from the recommended Eachine BG1306 3100KV Motor, it is recommended to apply 3 inch propellers, 7.4V 500mAh battery, EMAX BLHeli Series 6A ESC/ DYS SN20A Mini 20A SimonK ESC/ DYS SN16A Mini 16A SimonK ESC and OpenPilot CC3D Atom Mini CC3D/ EMAX Skyline32 Naze32 Arco/ EMAX Skyline32 Naze32 Advanced.


As to FPV equipment, Diatone Blade 150 Frame Kit is compatible with 600tvl micro wide angle camera or 1/4 CMOS 600TVL 120 Degree Wide Angle Camera, Eachine 200 mw 5.8GHz with CP antenna VTX. Actually, all the above components can be found on Banggood.

To make your quacopter distinguishable at night, you can also load a LED decoration board.

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