Optimized EMAX Nano Series ESCs work more smooth and sensitive

EMAX Nano Series ESC

Still looking for ESCs with faster response and stronger stabilization? The new EMAX Nano Series ESC maybe are what you want.

EMAX Nano 6A

This time, EMAX Nano Series ESCs come with EMAX Nano 6A/12A/20A.  Compared with most of other multirotor ESCs in the market, they are smaller and lighter, weighing only 7g(the 20A is 17g), making them compatible with many mainstream flight controllers like Skyline32, Naze32, Pixhawk, CC3D and so on. So no matter what controller you are using, they can easily fit your needs.

EMAX Nano 12A

In addition to strong compatibility, EMAX Nano 6A/12A/20A are built with using authentic electronic components to ensure high quality and enhance the current endurance ability. You can feel the obviously better running during the whole flight. It adopts opto design with twisted pair wire for throttle signal line, which make the ESCs own strong anti-jamming capacity, ensuring a more stable flight for you. They are developed for racing multicopters, but they are also compatible with fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters. Based on BLHeli firmware and supporting OneShot125, they are optimized for high performance with great linearity and much quicker throttle response.

EMAX Nano 20A

Speaking of throttle, the throttle range of EMAX Nano 6A/12A/20A can be configured and is fully compatible with all receivers and provides smooth, linear and precise response for them. Not only throttle range, actually, all parameter is accessible to be programmed via using a program card or a transmitter. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the Product Page.



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