DYS Summer-Air Gimbal looks special and uses greatly

DYS Summer-Air Gimbal

Through the previous gimbals of DYS like DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal and DYS Marcia 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal, we all appreciate its good use. This time, it brings another gimbal which is a little different. If you are the owner of Sony A7S or GH4, i would like to strongly recommend this DYS Summer-Air Gimbal to you.

DYS Summer-Air GimbalOf course, i doesn’t mean that DYS Summer-Air Gimbal only compatible well with Sony A7S or GH4, it is also suitable for other cameras in similar size and weight (Camera width less than 147mm, height within 157mm). This one is obviously special in appearance. It is named after Summer Air, and indeed, it conveys refreshing feeling, which is looked comfortable in hot summer.

DYS Summer-Air Gimbal comes with an exclusive camera fixed board, making the camera installation easy. For owners of camera Panasonic GH4, Olypus M.ZUKIKO DIGITAL ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO, here is a piece of good news that the calibration for these cameras are already finished before it leaves factory, so you can put this gimbal into practices faster without spending time on calibration.

As you can see from the picture, there are two cables. The left one is to connect with receiver to control the camera pitch and rotation angle. The right one is the 4S 14.8V power supply cable. Besides, DYS Summer-Air Gimbal adopts a 32 bit controller, which brings highly accurate algorithms and efficient real-time operation, allowing us to exactly reach angles we want. This gimbal just can turn 360º and recover, the pitch and roll can not rotate 360º freely, otherwise, the connection cable will twist off.

DYS Summer-Air GimbalDYS Summer-Air Gimbal is a breath of fresh air in the gimbals field. Unique to look and remain the usual good use of DYS gimbals, which is a good and new try for us.

If you are interested on this DYS gimbal, you can be order it from BG right here.

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