8-Axis Tarot X8 is convenient to install, stable to fly, supporting FPV

Tarot X8

In my opinion, Tarot X8 is a frame kit that really deserves to recommend. It comes with 8 axis, which is the most i had ever seen, and will definitely brings a stable flight.
Tarot X8Tarot X8 adopts dual colors, together with the 8 axis, it is eye-catching in the sky. Although it has many arms, they are foldable, which will not make trouble for you in transportation. And they can be installed quickly, greatly shortening the preparation time of flight. Plus the light main body equipped with high strength matte gold composite process PCB circuit, giving more flight time for us.

Tarot X8 has super long wheelbase- 1050mm, allocating broad space for you install components, and also, it makes everything easy for you to do that. The new brushless motor base is with a new electrical installation, wiring harness protection screens and clamping design, so the motor base is convenient to adjust. By the way, the horizontal machine arm is to build 40A high-speed ESC, and the air grooves is designed at the top with good heat dissipation effect.
Tarot X8
Convenient installation also reflects in the aspect of GPS. The mounting space is standard on all metal GPS so you can easily find a GPS to mount. In addition, the fixed seat uses plug-in design, which can bring the most stable and quick way of folding experience.

Another reason that i recommend Tarot X8 to you is that it supports FPV and tries its best to give you a free shooting experience. The electric retractable landing gear and tripods can provide aerial camera with good visual direction and bring infinite broad aerial perspective.
Tarot X8
Tarot X8 is a 8-axis frame kit- convenient to install, stable to fly, free to shoot. Take it into consideration if you are in need of a frame kit.

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