Operational skills for FY-G3 Gimbal

FY-G3 Gimbal

Photographing especially autodyne has become a popular way for people to entertain. FY-G3 Gimbal is a handheld gimbal that can be widely used in our daily life no matter when we are traveling, attending parties, etc. The most important one is that it can help us capture perfect selfies.

FY-G3 Gimbal
FY-G3 Gimbal is compatible with Gopro 3/ 3+. It weighs only 305g, so you can carry it effortlessly. Being equipped with a 3-axis gyro, it can flexibly reach angles of pitch (-100º ~ +35º) and roll (±45º).

This gimbal is power and go, easy to control. It comes with a button that is used to carry out all operational orders. It is also with indicator light function: if you press once, the LED light also flash once, and you are in the heading following mode; while double press results in double flashes and leads you to the heading and pitch following mode; if you long press for one second, the light will stay on constantly, and now, the heading, pitch and roll are all locked.

FY-G3 Gimbal
As to how to adjust pitch, you can firstly double click the button to be in heading and pitch following mode. Then adjust the attitude to move the pitch to the angle you want, and press the button once to lock the angle of pitch being in the heading following mode.

After mastering the skills of adjusting pitch, the autodyne mode can be easily reached. Turn 180º of the gimbal(USB port faces you), then adjust the angle of pitching through the method above. After that, you can enjoy autodyne to the fullest.

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