Flycolor Fairy 12A, an high performance ESC

Flycolor Fairy 12A

ESC is an essential component for RC quadcopter. The following picture shows the role ESC plays in the whole system. Its main responsibility is to exchange power and deliver to other designated systems to make the machine work better. Flycolor Fairy 12A is a new ESC that is the one i want to introduce today.
Flycolor Fairy 12A
Compared with other ESC s, Flycolor Fairy 12A owns smaller size and lighter weight but is more competent with many powerful functions. It adopts high-performance MCU, making it work more efficient- the maximum frequency can be up to 500Hz, which makes it compatible with various kinds of flight control.
Flycolor Fairy 12A
Flycolor Fairy 12A applies custom line length, custom tube color, and you can also add switch line. It is compatible with Simonk and BLHeli. Its firmware has been optimized, which enlarges its compatibility, making it specialized for disc motor. In addition, the built-in firmware owns strong self-adaptable ability, offering 8 timing options. At the same time, throttle response is also greatly increased.

Flycolor Fairy 12A uses top quality components to get strong current endurance, resulting in smooth, linear, precise throttle response, and strong compatibility, it is a reliable partner of your beloved aircraft.

The Flycolor Fairy 50A owns the same features and functions with 50A, the differences are that 50A is a little bit larger and heavier. To know more detailed differences, you could visit

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