EasySky series of warbird airplanes represent high standard manufacturing requirements. Considered by some as the best German warbird during the WW II effort, the Focke Wulf FW-90 by EasySky presents detailed realism in a model R/C package for fans and enthusiasts.

EasySky FW-90
Exterior design
First of all, let’s have a look at its exterior conditions. Enthusiasts must be not unfamiliar with the appearance design. EasySky FW-90 comes with EPS design and a foam board( wings), making the flying weight only 50g but with outstanding shock resistance ability. This is a micro wardbird airplane that is 395mm long and owns a 410-mm wingspan. It also applies molded panel lines as decoration, making the whole aircraft look professional as well as beautiful.

This fully assembled EasySky FW-90 is BNF out of the box, including all required items but the 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter that have protocol with DSM2. It comes with an easy to fly on and off 3-axis gyro, sensitive and providing a more flexible reaction and stable flight. Speaking of warbird airplane, we’ll associate fast speed. This FW-90 equips with three 1.7g servos, integrating to offer a heart-pounding speed.

We can also see EasySky FW-90 has been installed landing gears and a tail wheel. Actually, the landing gears are removable and the tail wheel is also steerable. This design on wheels is able to give you a smoother flight and safe landing. Beyond that, the package includes a 1S 3.7V 150mAh 25C Li-Po battery, but according to the information i get, it doesn’t mention how long this aircraft can fly. But compared with the previous EasySky P-38, what disappoints is that this one doesn’t come with a power bank.

EasySky FW-90 EasySky FW-90