Recently, drone races are increasingly popular in Australia, and maybe it would become an official activity around the world n the future. In that case, a competent drone seems to be very important. And today, what i want to introduce is also a racer – EMAX Nighthawk Pro.
EMAX Nighthawk ProEMAX Nighthawk Pro is 280mm long, which is fully assembled and ready to fly, what you need to do is just to insert your battery. The copter frame it adopts is pre-built and is proved sturdy through extensive flight test and endurance test. It is inevitable to collide with other copters in races or hit a tree something like that during flight, but with the firm frame, you are safe. Besides, it applies all-in-one design to combine ESC, BEC and flight controller for easy installation and easy replacement. The plug and play motor also make it easy to swap motor and no soldering needed.
EMAX Nighthawk ProEMAX Nighthawk Pro doesn’t have a stylish appearance(it is just my own thought), but as a racer, i think the most important is the battle ability. To be honest, it spends a lot of effort on selecting power components and combine them to show us a doughty racer in the end. It comes fully tuned with the new Skylight 32 integrated flight control board with four 12Amp BLHeli One shot speed controllers. The power system consists of EMAX 2204 2300 KV motors and 6045 propellers mounted on a 10 degree tilt allowing greater forward speeds without sacrificing elevation. All these just want to give you the confidence to rush in races!
EMAX Nighthawk ProFor the FPV racer, the Nighthawk Pro 280 includes a 700TVL camera with optional tilt mounts that allow you a perfect horizontal view in flight, and a 20W-200W video transmitter with a selectable switch, offering you the option to choose the power output of your transmitter.

EMAX Nighthawk Pro