With FQ777 Explore AF610, having fun of flying is guaranteed

FQ777 Explore AF610

If you want to get pure fun of flying, then look no further than FQ777-610. It is a mini helicopter as well as neat and dynamic, which will definitely make you lose yourself in the joy of flying.
FQ777 Explore AF610
FQ777-610 is in size of 230*35*100cm. No matter from which angle you look at it, its brilliant model and appearance is convincing. Through adopting a series of industrial designs, the fuselage shape in line with air dynamic standards. Besides, the coolest propellers and edge make the whole helicopter more sportive. Facing with this copter, i believe most of you would can’t help loving it, and I’m sure it will certainly be welcomed and popular in the market.
FQ777 Explore AF610 FQ777 Explore AF610
The fantastic appearance is enough to persuade us, but surprises are more than our expectations. FQ777-610 comes with four colors, they are red, orange, lite blue and black blue. No matter which color you choose, they are all anti drop, impact, compression resistance, and the strong power and fast speed are also amazing.
FQ777 Explore AF610If have a closer look, you can find many other wonderful details, like the flexible cannopy, components with ultra-high tenacity and the bold tail boom that is hard to deform. LED lights are with might doubled and make FQ777-610 more shining at night. Although it is small, it is complete and made in strict requirements.

FQ777 Explore AF610, a little but beautiful helicopter, gives you infinite fun of flying.

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