How does that feel with operating drone wearing VR glasses?



Summary: when the currently popular virtual reality peripherals and drone meet with each other, what will happen?

Glyph is a kind of head-wearing display device from the USA. It caught much attention when it firstly launched at the CES2014. In the Feb of last year, it attended the crowdfunding and gained a good achievement of 1.5 million.

GlyphSimilar with most of other virtual reality glasses in the market, you can use Glyph to play games, watch videos and lives as well as control drone.

Personal experience: it is awesome to operate drone, but not so good for playing games
Glyph looks like the Beats earphones, the difference is that it adds two micromirror arrays which are set according to the position of human beings’ eyes, and then it becomes an equipment wearing on face.


Due to the built-in gyro, you just need to connect Glyph with the controller of gimbals through a data line, and then wearers can command the camera on drone by shaking their heads.


As to real-time image transmission, the images are clear without delay, which offers a nice immersive feeling. If you shoot in the outside, Glyph can well settle problems like unclear screen caused by strong sunlight, which shows that virtual reality devices are supposed to bring experiences beyond our daily life rather than better data performance.

What is Glyph exactly?
Glyph is known as the first virtual reality device of retina, adopting fashionable appearance and retina technology. Retina technology means to imitate the principle that how people’ eyes receive light to prevent eye fatigue while bring high definition.

Glyph comes with HDMI/ MHL input ports, allowing it to connect with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, IOS and Android, etc. It supports most of VR games, 3D games and 720P videos, full view shooting, some SDK games are also accessible.


Glyph ‘s vision is to be a kind of carry-on virtual reality device enabling people to experience immersive feeling at any time. It has built-in battery, and it is officially said that it supports 3 to 4-hour video display or display mode around 10 to 12 hours, and can be connected with mobile equipment like phone via Bluetooth.

The raise price of Glyph is US$499, but the sold price is US$599 and need to pay freight of 100 dollars. In China, it is priced at RMB3688. It will be on sale in Nov both in Chinese and American market.

Source: geekpark

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