FT010 RC boat gives you speed and passion


Speed always gives excitement and passion. FT010 is a RC boat, which can surf at high speed up to 35km/h! Together with other excellent assistant systems, this boat contributes to an ever stimulating surfing experience.
FT010When it comes to appearance, I’d like to say that FT010 is really beautiful, eye-catching and fashionable. It is manufactured by using ABS that is high-strength and hard to break, giving the boat the confidence to rush forward without hesitation.
FT010Generally speaking, high speed is likely to bring damages. Considering this question,  FT010 comes with many protective designs to let you enjoy an innocent speedy surfing without worries. In addition to the high-strength ABS material, the inner settings are also reliable. For example, the motor it adopts is powerful and responsive, which enables the boat to move powerfully as well as implement difficult actions. Its agile body will definitely bring more fun for you.
FT010Moreover, FT010 has a built-in water cooling system which can effectively cool the motor and circuit board, ensuring all components are under healthy working conditions as well as increase the use of time. When the electric quantity of the battery reduce, the remote control will beep and the red light will flash to inform us, so a safe surfing is guaranteed.

Last but not least, all components FT010 applies are in modular design, so the repair would be convenient. So, just go ahead with your FT010, other things have been settled.

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