Online game has become an official activity, is it also possible for drone?


Recently, drone races tend to be hotter and hotter in Australia, this niche activity is called FPV. To be blunt, it is crossing drone.

What is crossing drone?
As to crossing drone, most players are not unfamiliar. Crossing drone is a kind of multi-axis drones. Compared with ordinary drones, the biggest difference is that it is manual control. Besides, generally, crossing drone comes with a simple frame kit, and is mounted with a receiver, camera, image transmission and power systems.

Moreover, crossing drone is without limitation of tilting angles, which means that you can roll it casually. The most important point is that the cost is low, and of course, that depends on your configurations. In a word, crossing drone offers joy of DIY, and the cost is flexible up to different people’ needs.

Is it a new sport event?
Participants spend time DIY their own drones, like mounting a camera, installing LED light to make them cool. In real races, participants are supposed to wear goggles to give them a simulation feeling during operating their drones. So it is just like a kind of video games, but the equipment they use is substantial. Darren French, a participant, said that people will be addicted to this game.

Player Ballard said, this race attracted people from various fields, including farmers, students, twelve-year-old kids and IT workers, even the retailers of drones. He explained, this game had nothing to do with who you are, but how fast you can learn to fly. He also said,” this game requires enough patience because there are many things you need to learn, including weld, basic computer processing, aerodynamics, ways to pilot and image transmission, etc. All these aim at letting you know how the equipment controlled by you work.”

In general, the race starts at 10 a.m, and about 30 players will attend. At the beginning, they have 5 hours to adapt to the track. The real competition will last one hour. To create an exciting and adventurous atmosphere, there are frequent speedy collision and rub. Player Mark Cocquio said,” small-sized drone will make the race more stimulating. The flying directions are totally controlled by you, but you must select a correct airline and response quickly when terrible situations occur, because a minor mistake will make your drone hit a tree or wall.”

Player Chad Novak is a real pilot in life, he hopes this Australian FPV race can be a kind of official game. He said,” if your drone isn’t in ruin, that means you are not struggling enough.”


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