JJRC H18 mini hexacopter, a worthy try for you


JJRC H18 is really a cute RC airplane. Mini size is its outstanding feature. Generally, to some extend, small size will arouse people’ doubtful attitude to the functions and flight performance. But compared with other products in similar size, JJRC H18 does have differences.
JJRC H18JJRC H18 is a hexacopter, stability is well showed. You can easily control it to fly forward/backward, up/ down, left/right and side fly. You’ll probably never expect this little guy to finish difficult actions but it does! Although it is in mini size, it is capable of doing stunts like rolls and flips. It would be very interesting to see a vivid insect dancing in the sky.
ABS material enhances the toughness and durability of the whole structure. Powered by 3.7V 75mAh battery, JJRC H18 is able to fly up to 6 minutes. Maybe some of you will think it is also humdrum, but you can’t expect it to carry a camera although it can be a development direction in the future.
JJRC H18Anyhow, JJRC H18 is cute and attractive, and a worthy try with costing little money. I believe it will be popular when it enters into market.

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