Amazon is suck! Israeli drone has been run

Flytrex Sky

When Amazon is still testing the feasibility of delivering by drone in the North America, Flytrex from Israel has already used drone to deliver. The drone is named Flytrex Sky and was announced to work last week.

Flytrex SkyFlytrex Sky
This drone is the first one that adopts the model in airborne 3G modular design, and can be connected with network and cloud data. Users receive the goods through using the specified application programs. Theoretically, the whole process can be reached with 3G signal. But because of the problem of battery, the drone’s flight area is limited, only about 35 minutes.
Flytrex SkyFlytrex Sky is controlled, receives information and connects with GSM via an installed RC transmitter, it also equips with a GoPro camera to offer FPV controls for users. But if users don’t want to operate by themselves, the drone also comes with auto-pilot mode for them. The specialized application software is able to figure out users’ concrete location, and you just need to start the software after well placing goods, then it will fly to the dedicated place. This application is compatible with IOS and Android equipment.
Flytrex Sky
Flytrex Sky is ready to fly out of box. As a drone used for transportation, there are some equivalent designs. For example, there are four pothooks with two ties on the both sides of the fuselage, which can be used to hang parcels in small size and light weight.

However, pay attention that this drone comes without built-in collision avoidance system and is not waterproof, so we need to set a clear routine for it and avoid flying in windy or rainy days. As to business, that depends on whether the local law permits or not. Well, this drone is also perfect for hobbyists and non-business uses.

Flytrex Sky can be bought through on-line order. Although the listed price is US$649, some medias found it is only sold at US$549 on shopping websites. If you are interested in this drone, you may go to have a check.

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