DYS series of products: USB Linker, gimbals, ESC

DYS USB Linker

How much do you know about DYS? Actually, it comes with many kinds of products including DYS USB Linker, gimbals, ESC and motor. Today, let’s take a look at each kind of the product.

DYS USB Linker

DYS USB Linker
DYS USB Linker is mini at size of 54*22*9mm, covered with black plastic and weighing 8g. It is for the ESC programmer to update firmware, compatible with SN and BL series of ESC, including SN16A, SN20A, SN30, SN40A, BL16A, BL20A, BL30A and BL40A.


DYS USB Linker
DYS SN20A is one of the DYS ESC s. It comes with Simonk firmware and owns a wide range of application. It is specially designed for multi-copter like QAV160,180, 250, 300 and 330. Besides, it is compatible with Simonk and BLHeli and suitable for throttle. Its throttle response speed is fast, making it work well with motor. the throttle signal is twisted pair cable, which helps to reduce the crosstalk to ensure a more stable flight.

DYS SN20A adopts new process, the ultra-low resistance MOSFET with miniaturization, and all flashes are N MOS with high withstanding current. The maximum refresh frequency is up to 500Hz throttle signal, which is compatible with all flight controls.

DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal

DYS USB Linker
DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal is compatible with Gopro 3 camera and ideal for DJI Phantom quad copter. It is made of aluminum alloy & plastic, and the top part is a glass fiber plate. All these result in a light gimbal, weighing only 330g with a GoPro, which makes it suitable for all DJI Phantom quad copters to do FPV aerial photography.

DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal is ready to fly with no tuning required, and simply plug and play! It adopts 2210 brushless motor and BGC genuine driving, offering larger thrust. Stabilized on 3 separate axis aims to give you incredibly smooth results. Besides, this gimbal also works greatly with several multi-rotor platforms. What’s more, the 3-axis gyro can make the gimbal rotate continuously (but less than 5 cycles), which means that we are able to capture panoramic images.

DYS Smart Gopro Gimbal gives you a pro level shooting results.

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