Japan released the minimum drone in the world, just large as a fist

Nano Falcon DigiCam

According to report, few days ago, a company from Japan released a drone called Nano Falcon DigiCam, with fuselage of only 130mm, which is the smallest one in the world.

Nano Falcon DigiCam
This kind of drone has a built-in gyro sensor that enables it to fly stably. It equips with a 30MP camera in front of the fuselage which can shoot photos and videos at 640*480 and be stored in a micro SD card.

Nano Falcon DigiCam
In addition, the propellers of Nano Falcon DigiCam can be folded and inserted into the included docking station, then it transforms into a mini camera. In the aspect of standby, it costs 35 minutes to fully charge and can only fly 4 minutes, which is disappointed.

As scheduled, Nano Falcon DigiCam will enter into market on 17th of June.


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