This French company which seems not doing serious affair may create the most interesting drone


Summery: Compared with DJI and 3D Robotics such kind of companies, Parrot is more willing to make drone become the fun in our life, not just an aerial product away from ordinary people.

Maybe these firmwares are not innovative, but it would be very interesting if you can see all sorts at the same time in a company’s product line. The company is Parrot, from France.

If you are a drone enthusiast, you’ll probably be attracted by the flying dancing performance from Parrot’ drones at the CES2015. And if you are a music enthusiast, perhaps you’ll be subdued by the dedicate design and advanced stereo technologies of Parrot Zikmu Solo.

Why this company launched products without connections?

Their products are regular
Since established in 1994, Parrot mainly act as a leading manufacturer making vehicle-mounting WCD, whose retail sales surpasses 20 million. It also has in-depth cooperation with many vehicle manufacturers like BMW and Audi.

Until now, vehicle-mounting WCD is still the core product of Parrot but it is not just a manufacturer making firmware only, it is also one of the companies who joined in Bluetooth SIG at the earliest and promote the popularity of Bluetooth. It is the experience on WCD technologies that make Parrot own the ability and capital to create some other “abnormal” products.

The first is the AR. Drone which is also one of the consumption-type drones at the earliest. It became the coolest product at Apple Store as soon as launched in 2010. After that, Parrot also released a series of funny products like Flower Power that is able to inspect nutrition of soil and Parrot Zik- a wireless earphone capable of capturing movements, etc.
The product logic of Parrot seems confused without specific sort. But in fact, it is regular. It designs and develops fresh and funny remote control products surrounding smart ends like phone and tablet.

Among those remote control products, drone is the most important sort of Parrot, which can be known from its various models.

Make drone become funny
Mini Drone series is the cheapest drone of Parrot including two members – Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider, whose of two are exquisite and easy to operate, they are indoor remote control toys.
ParrotAlthough Rolling Spider can’t fly, it can carry out highly difficult actions like rolling and jumping, which helps us find back the feeling of playing RC toys in our childhood. It is mini only weighing 55g, but it comes with a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer. There are also a high precision sensor and a mini cam, making it able to hover and shoot.

If we say that Mini Drone is also toys, then the AR. Drone quadcoper could be describe as a real drone. AR.Drone 2.0 equips with a 5MP camera. Besides, it owns ultrasonic sensor and pressure sensor so that it is able to fly automatically and even do difficult actions like rolling, which is unreachable for ordinary drones.
Bebop Drone launched late last year is much more stronger. It equips with four WIFI antennas, lengthening the remote distance to 2.5km. Meanwhile, it also adopts a 14MP camera with only a quarter of weight of AR. Drone. But to make people have a happy and safe flight in doors just like AR.Drone, Bebop Drone offers an option for you- you can select a bumper to install on the both sides of propellers.

In addition to operate via phones, Bebop Drone adds a more funny way to operate. You are allowed to pilot the Bebop Drone on FPV through using the remote components of Skycontroller. Even better, it can also connect with VR equipment like Oculus Rift to experience simulation flight in person.

Maybe it is because just being a drone is too boring, Parrot made a group of drones dance! At the CES2015, by processing and using visual position technologies, 7 Bebop Drone cross rotated and sometimes they spiraled with keeping a certain of space, which seemed that they got a life.

Compared with DJI and 3D Robotics such kind of companies, Parrot is more willing to make drone become the fun in our life, not just an aerial product away from ordinary people. No matter it is the Mini Drone series which is highly playable, or the Bebop Drone series that can be controlled via FPV, Parrot makes operation very interesting.

But behind the fun, Parrot possesses sophisticated technologies in the field of drone. It purchased two companies which are important in aircraft line: SenseFly specializes in making mapping tools, while Pix4D provides 3D modeling technology, to make their products more professinal through integrating these technologies.

A while ago, Parrot released 5 kinds of new products once, including drones that can fly above the water and at night. In the future, we can surely see more drones from Parrot in the sky.


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