In addition to the great popularity of drones, what problems, threshold and tendency are existing?

drones problems

Behind the prosperous market of drones, what problems we are facing with? Where is the core threshold? And what tendency waits for us to develop?

Problems behind prosperity
Drone owns high repair rate, but the efficiency of after sales service is low. It is inevitable for drone to hit all kinds of barriers and get damaged after taking off. But in the current market, most drones exist as a complete model, so users have got to send them to the original manufacturers to repair. The repair process needs two weeks when it is quick. If the repair speed is slow, it may even cost two months.

Intelligent degree is insufficient. Nowadays, majorities of drones are not intelligent, they even can not make connecting with phones come true. Actually, drone is a kind of robot, it is supposed to own abilities of thinking and making decisions.

Strict requirements on operations. Although drones for consumption like DJI Phantom 3 and Zero Xplorer are able to shoot great aerial images, it requires professional operations while ordinary consumers can’t manage to fly up a drone as soon as they get it.

Short flight time. Generally speaking, common drones can fly about 20 minutes, which is enough to meet needs for the length of videos, but the time spent on seeking shooting point and focus is much longer, so we have to prepare more batteries.

Applied scenes. Aerial photography is the frequently-used applied scene, including film shooting and mapping.

Core threshold of drone
Today’s drones of consumption type are complicated and highly integrated systems.

Camera. We need to consider the intensity of light, distance of scene, contrast ratio, etc, such kind of concrete parameters. Compared with digital single lens reflex, the camera that drone carries places premium on showing more functions within limited space.

Gimbals is the basis of keeping camera stable.

Remote image transmission. Signal interference and weakness are the main barriers that influence remotely real-time image transmission. At present, remote transmission in distance of 2 kilometer is the best one.

Avoid barriers. The four propellers on drone have a certain degree of nocuity. The smart drone is able to avoid people’ touch.

Vision of computer. The vision of computer will make drone intelligent, so that the drone can recognize who is its master through scanning faces as well as extend other functions like rounding and tracking shoot.

Flight control. For one hand, it senses flight situations, flight directions and positions. It is called navigation or combining navigation in professional terms, which means to gain needed information via sensors and calculation. For another, to analyze what speed can fulfill users’ expectations.  The algorithm is evolving continuously.

Drone’s future
Smaller, lighter, smarter and cheaper. Applied scenes will be extended, including selfie in traveling, following when we do exercise, and users can also wear FPV Goggles to view horizon in the sky. It can be used in traveling, for leisure even to network.

Closed cooperation with cellphone. Actually, drone is a cellphone with propellers. The core of smart phone is the electronic parts. If we dispart battery and screnn, it is highly similar with a drone.

Used in other industries. Some companies in industries of surveying and mapping, agriculture and security and the like, adopt drones on their original basis.

Consumption-type aerial photography. Conduct family aerial photography in outdoors or traveling shooting. Maybe in the future there will be drone for selfie.

open data. Open drone’s API, and transmit data between drone and phone via connecting WIFI. Based on this, the third-party developer can send orders of tilting to the drone.

Open system. We can directly get access to the sensors on the bottom of the drone. In the future, there would be a phone at the top and the operation is to use operational systems of drone or enhance functions aim at one of the features, like flip and image handling.


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