Transformers are here!

7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet

Among those who have ever watched Transformers, no one will not feel excited to the cool transformers. Now, owning them is not a dream, 7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet can help you to realize that. Let’s know more about it.
7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet is a DIY innovative solar powered science kit, which means that it needs to be assembled by hands. but with the clear instruction, snap-together parts(as you can see from the below picture), it can be easily assembled. The assembly process offers a perfect opportunity for children to practice and it is an ideal mix of creative, active learning. It can inspire both the children ‘s imagination and operation ability.
7 In 1 Solar Space FleetAfter snapping the building block, 7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet can be transformed into seven different modules, including space station, robot, rover, vehicle, astronaut, shuttle and dog. More interesting is that all the modules can move if they are under direct sunlight, the speed depends on the intensity of the light. Children can not only get fun with it, it is also a precious learning and experiment experience. What’s more, a micro rechargeable battery is included. That means the modules are able to move.
7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet
7 In 1 Solar Space Fleet is environmental, educational and enjoyable, it is a perfect gift for children, but pay attention that small parts are not suitable for children under 6 years old. Anyway, enjoy your time with transformers!

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