Simtoo Drone, Change A New Version Of The World

Simtoo Drone

When i saw the promotional words of Change A New Version Of The World, i did be attracted by Simtoo Drone. I wondered how good it should be that they advertise using that words. Come with me to find the answer.
Simtoo DroneExteriors and firmware
Simtoo DroneSimtoo Drone is 25*20*6 cm large. The first feature that makes it so confident is that it adopts foldable design, whose is the first drone in the world to do that. Plus the just right size, this drone is much more convenient to carry than other drones.
Simtoo DroneFrom the above picture, we can know how Simtoo Drone is founded. It is mainly made of carbon fiber, weighing 600g. It owns extra strong and long plastic body, allocating broad space to install brushless motor, U BLOX 6 GPS, 2D brushless gimbal together with a full 1080P HD camera, stable flying control system including compass and altimeter. All these combine to show a world class drone.

As a world class drone, various functions are essential. In fact, Simtoo Drone does possess many functions which really facilitate our flight. Let me show you one by one.

Simtoo Drone
Simtoo Drone owns super easy GPS band control. Just need to press one key, then you can fly up and land easily, no skills and experience needed, which means that this drone is also suitable for beginners to learn flying.
Simtoo Drone
This picture shows the auto follow me function, which allows us to control the drone free our hands. I think this function is also perfect to apply on extreme sports, because it is after us and can record people’ perfect movement.

Besides, Simtoo Drone also owns positioning holding that enables us to enjoy a stable aerial photograph experience. Other functions like auto flying, auto returning home further make our operation simple.

Powered by 5500MAH battery, we can gain flight time over 30 minutes. This ultra long fly time lets us enjoy flying and aerial experience to the fullest! I am sure whether Simtoo Drone is the version that changes the world, but at least, it changes my world.

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