Do you want to be the IROMAN

Tarot IRONMAN 650

Maybe for many RC quadcopter DIY enthusiasts, they are not strange to Tarot quadcopter frames. Tarot IRONMAN 650 is another product of Tarot series frame. Just hearing of its name, we can know that this frame is strong and durable. Let’s see whether it matches with its big name.

The same as Tarot FY690S and FY680, Tarot IRONMAN 650 rack adopts Toray carbon fiber 3K weave carbon fiber plate and hollow pure carbon fiber 3K carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tubes) full CNC machining, making the full set of rack weigh only 476 grams but own strong crash worthiness as the IRONMAN.

Tarot IRONMAN 650

As an out-door toy, portability is important. Tarot IRONMAN 650 applies full folding design. It will be showed like that after folding, plus the light weight, it is extremely convenient to carry.

Tarot IRONMAN 650Tarot IRONMAN 650 can be also equipped with a gimbal and a camera, allowing us to shoot from the sky! Besides, the center of gravity can be adjusted according to the weight of the loaded photographic equipment, keeping our copter in well-balanced so we are able to own a stable flight and enjoy a stable shooting experience.

Tarot IRONMAN 650
No matter what’s your purposes of playing quad copter, but i bet Tarot IRONMAN 650 can fulfill all your needs. With the light weight and high portability, it particularly suits to do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, aerial reconnaissance, fire observed explore life cable line patrol, farm monitoring and other mobile performance requirements equipment.

Recommended configuration:
Gopro configuration:
180-250W Motor
4S 5000 battery
10-12 inch propeller

micro single configuration:
300-400W Motor,
4S 5000-10000 battery
12-14 inch propeller

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