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Abstract: flight is not only send people to the sky any more. The smart equipment that drone carry will bring us new angle to perceive 3D world and open a new flight era.


On July, 11th , 2015, Baidu News will unite with Geek Park to show you The Big Talk·the new flight era.

If it is not every body being able to fly, how about give them an eye?

A while ago, the popular drone program- Lily leads our logistic to another aspect. The overnight hit Lily Camera shows special operational ways in the video. Users just need to wear a GPS tracker and throw out the aircraft, then it can automatically carry aerial photography by means of 360º rotation.


Lily gives us a new perspective to perceive the world, and at the same time, drones have showed new ways to assist the real world.

In the earthquake took place in Nepal in April this year, Sky Catch, a drone company in the UAS, joined the rescue at the first time. They used drones to shoot orthograph and slanted image of the centra, and made them into 3D terrain model after processing, which greatly boost the efficiency of rescue.

This wave of drone leads us to a new flight era, and we can see three different specialties compared with the old era:

  1. There is no need for pilots to sit inside the cabin
  2. Ordinary consumers are able to apply with a short term learning
  3. Much wider applied range

Drones make it possible for smart devices to fly, which enables them to do various things like aerial photography, transportation, pesticide spraying, cruise and forest fire protection, etc. In the future, more and more programs will be explored.

Obviously, now drones not only belong to geek’s toys, with the growth of his trend, wireless network is also involved in fight for sky.

At abroad, there is a drone called Splash Drone in Kickstarter, whose main function is water proof; Ryptide is a kind of drone that is a part of maritime survival. Drone opens the new era of flight. From manufacturing to consumption, drone is still the name of flight.

On 11th July, DJI and Skycatch, the representatives of UAV companies, will attend The Big Talk forum to show us the most advanced technologies in UAV field.

The first flight show in China

Beijing Zero Intelligence Control Technology Co. Limited will show to the public the newly released function- Automatic Follow. Once you set a tracking target from the monitoring images on your phone, XPLOPER Drone will automatically track the movement of the target. If you press Automatic Rotation Shooting function, then this drone will shoot with 360º rotation.


DJI adds 4K camera in Inspire 1 and Phantom 3. In addition to shoot, they also have sense so that they can cross through barriers. While drones of Parrot will have an array dance performance at that time.


However, the bigger highlight will be brought by Jetpack International Company. They bring their jet pack with strong flexibility that can make users fly. Besides, they will also have flight performances which only occur in fiction movies.


In today’s flight era, although these exquisite and beautiful new products get rid of clumsiness, human being’s curiosity remains the same. It is the exploration for the unknown that motivates us to move forward.

Source: geekpark

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