S250AH Carbon Fiber Combo comes with a series of high quality components

S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF

Buying combo to assemble is also a good way to get a RC aircraft. Speaking of this, today, i would like to introduce a newly released combo- S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF. What kind of drone will it show to us? Let’s have a closer look.

S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF
S250AH Carbon Fiber includes a S250AH Alien Frame Kit, six Sunnysky 2204 2300kv brushless motor, CC3D/ KK2.15 Flight Controller, six Round 12A ESC, power distribution board, 5045 cw and ccw carbon fiber propellers, battery strap, DSM2 compatible satellite and one standoff set for controller and power distribution board. All these combine to create an aircraft with complete power system and great functions.

S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF
S250AH Alien Frame Kit
This frame kit is made of pure carbon fiber and high strength ABS resin, so this is really a rigid drone. The overall size is 330*290*90mm, and the shaft distance is 300mm, which allocates broad space to install. The six landing gears with eye-catching color make the whole drone outstanding.

S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF
Sunnysky 2204 2300kv brushless motor
This motor comes with long-life ball bearings, efficient stator steel, rare earth magnets, oxygen free pure coppter wires, CNC machine aluminum case and patented balance technique. In a word, with this motor, a powerful flight is guaranteed.

S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF
Flight controller
S250AH Carbon Fiber offers two flight controllers for you to choose, they are CC3D and KK2.15. CC3D tends to be smaller and lighter.
S250AH Carbon Fiber ARFESC
Based on SimonK firmware, this Round 12A ESC features quick response, smooth throttle. Besides, the built-in bright LED light is capable of indicating the orientation of a multirotor.

S250AH Carbon Fiber ARF
After assembly, a cool quadcopter appears in front of us. Go flying with your S250AH Carbon Fiber.

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