French Parrot Empty Water Amphibious UAV Will Be Announced Soon

Hydrofoil Drone

UAV product innovation is also quite fast, recently, Parrot launched a total of 13 new models at a stretch. Including: UAV, jumping robot, and  other new category: flight/water dual-use equipment. Price: up to 200 euros. However, at present, they can only be found in the French website, there is no available information elsewhere.

Hydrofoil Drone
Airborne is Parrot’s new unmanned aircraft, which is divided into Cargo (99 euros) and Night (129 euros) models. Weights are 58g, all of them can be fixed by the Parrot FreeFlight 3 mobile applications to operate. With the help of the three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, both of them can enable automatic flight mode, in addition, they are also equipped with a vertical speed camera. Airborne full charge takes 25 minutes time, the battery life is about 9 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a new amphibious UAV Hydrofoil Drone on this release, priced at 169 euros, it can be said  to be the expanding application of fizzy. It uses the vertical placement of Airborne as a power source, the ships under the drive part on the surface of the water. The speed of Hydrofoil speed can reach 6 miles per hour (about 9.6 kilometers per hour), it can be used about 7 minutes once time.

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