EMAX Skyline32 series flight controller is thinner and lighter

Emax Skyline32

Flight controller is the core of aircraft, so when buying, we are supposed to pay more attention. Today, i would like to recommend Emax Skyline32 series flight controllers that include three versions, they are advanced, acro and mini versions respectively. They run the open-source cleanflight flight control (FC) software which has an ever growing community of friendly developers and users, compatible with various multi-rotors like quadcopter, tricopter and hexacopter.

Emax Skyline32
Compared with other flight controllers like NAZA 32, Emax Skyline32 is much thinner and lighter, which is shown on the below pictures, reducing overall weight and saving mounting spaces. And the mini version only weighs 1.28g, amazing! Besides, this series adopts unique wire-to-board connectors, which makes wiring much easier than others.

Emax Skyline32
Emax Skyline32 applies 32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3V/ 72 MHZ, equipped with gyro, compass, extended reservation position for accelerometer and barometer. The advanced version also comes with a barometer sensor and the acro version equips with a compass sensor with no deviation, which ensures a more stable flight. Emax Skyline32 provides various modes, including manual mode, angle mode, horizon mode, heading mode, head-free mode. What’s more, we can gain altitude hold mode in advanced version, which will greatly enhance your drone’s flight performance.

Emax Skyline32Emax Skyline32 is loaded with Baseflight-Configurator, so it supports cleanflight and baseflight. GPS position hold and “Go home” functions are also available. In terms of safety, this series owns the capacities of monitoring battery voltage and low alarm, helping to ensure a safe flight.

EMAX Skyline32EMAX Skyline32
Adapting high quality electronic components and high precision SMT( surface mount technology), Emax Skyline32 spares no effort to contribute to a wonderful flight.

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