WLtoys Q202, the first aeroamphibious aircraft

Wltoys Q202

I have to recognize that WLtoys Q202 does arouse people’s buying desire. It is the first aeroamphibious aircraft, which means that it can fly in the sky, run on the ground and swim under water. Facing with such an aircraft, it is not exaggerated to describe it as innovative, all-powerful and unbelievable. Let’s have a closer look at this new product in advanced.

WLtoys Q202
To be honest, i don’t think WLtoys Q202 looks pretty, so as far as i am concerned, it would be perfect if the appearance can be improved, but it is easy to carry. And anyhow, we can not neglect its wonderful functions and should focus on this point. Maybe some of you will worry that this aeroamphibious aircraft is difficult to handle, actually the air-ground-sea mode can be freely switched. When the WLtoys Q202 is under the water-ground mode, you can press the aeroamphibious mode, and the aircraft will fly up to the sky, which is flexible, and each mode can be easily achieved.

WLtoys Q202
Not only can WLtoys Q202 act freely in the sky, on ground and under water, it can also do various flight movements, including fly up/ down, forward/backward, left/ right, and side fly. What’s more, with the equipped lights, it is also possible for you to fly at night, which will show another kind of charm.

WLtoys Q202
Adopting high capacity 3.7V 850mAh battery, a long lasting flight time could be promised, you can get eight- minute flight. Facing with such an innovative, all-powerful and aeroamphibious WLtoys Q202, are you ready to gather up your excitement to play it?


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