The coolest charger in the history


No matter we look from its exterior appearance or the interior configurations, it is not exaggerated that IMAX X350 is the coolest charger in the history. Can’t you help knowing more about it? Take it easy, more detailed information will be shown in the followings.
IMAX X350I immediately fell in love with IMAX X350 from the first sight of seeing it. It looks so beautiful and unique, making it outstanding to distinct from other chargers. Black body plus two blue strings show a professional image.
IMAX X350IMAX X350 is equipped with a touch screen, making it an intelligent charger. We can know the real-time charging situation through this screen, and also operate conveniently. It adopts all-in-one design. The socket name matches with the plug, so you should make sure you plug in the right port before charging. Also, this charger provides multilingual customization, it is no problem for people around the world to use.

Next, let me show you how to correctly connect IMAX X350:
1, please connect the cable to the adapter port and IMAX X350 DC IN port, and then plug the adapter power cord into the socket.
IMAX X3502, connecting the adapter board into the IMAX X350 IBP port.
IMAX X350Note: USB supports 5V 2.1A charging voltage and also use for Ipad/Ipod/Iphone/HTC and other intelligent electronic equipment. Both the USB and All In One get charged simultaneously.

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