Hawkeye Firefly 5S is the minimum camera in the world

Hawkeye Firefly 5S

Are you tired of holding a cumbersome camera to have a unpleasant shooting experience? To improve that situation, a super mini camera- Hawkeye Firefly 5S has been manufactured. Now, we can photography effortless. Let’s know more about this little cute guy.

Hawkeye Firefly 5S
Don’t doubt what your eyes see. Yes, Hawkeye Firefly 5S is merely at size of 59 x 41 x 12mm! You won’t see any big component on it. It looks neat and simple, you’ll be easily acquainted with operating this camera.
Hawkeye Firefly 5S
I understand that you hold a doubtful attitude to such a mini camera because i was too. But now i think i may convince you to change your mind. Counter to its small size, Hawkeye Firefly 5S supports max 64G TF card, so we can enjoy taking many photos without worrying about insufficient storage space. What’s more, it offers pictures at pixel of 12 MP, which is not inferior compared with other big cameras! WIFI function is also provided in this camera. You can download the APP “FIREFLY” or scan the two-dimension code on Banggood to transmit the live image to your phone.
Hawkeye Firefly 5SFurthermore, Hawkeye Firefly 5S is compatible with GoPro Camera accessories, including batteries, gimbals and USB device, etc, which means that this camera’s function will be further ungraded because you can apply it to do aerial photography! More convenient for FPV system.

Hawkeye Firefly 5S’s functions will not be limited by its small body, give yourself a chance to get along with this minimum camera.

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