WLtoys P939 RC car lets you run in your own way

WLtoys P939

The terminal aim of race is to win, so racing automobiles will come with more advanced and superior configurations compared with ordinaries to achieve that goal. Wltoys P939 is a RC racing car, being made following strict requirements, which will offer a wonderful running experience.

Wltoys P939
WLtoys P939 is very outstanding with a red car shell that is made of antiknock PVC, beautiful and crashworthy. This racing car is designed and manufactured according to standard, for example, it’s wheelbase, front and rear wheel minimum distance and ground clearance are in standard length, resulting in a car with just right size.

Wltoys P939As it is a racing car, of course WLtoys P939 is good at speedy running. Powered by 7.4v 400mAh lithium battery, it is able to run about 30 minutes with maximum remote control distance of 100m. With the built-in 130 brushed motor and sealing gearbox, it can reach high speed up to 30km\h. Plus its four wheel independent suspension system, WLtoys P939 is very sporty when it runs at high speed.

Wltoys P939
In addition to strong shell and rapid speed, flexibility is also vital for a racing car. WLtoys P939 adopts an independent digital servo with the steering gear and steering protection, which is sensitive and enables your car to response quickly. Therefore, the car can implement your operational orders fast and correctly, and a wonderful running will be sure.

Every one is unique, and WLtoys P939 offers a platform to let you run in your own way.

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