T-MOTOR MN navigation series of motors

T-Motor Motor

T-Motor MotorT-MOTOR MN1804 2400KV/ MN1806 1400KV/ MN2204 2300KV are members of MN navigate series, which are high quality, smooth running, durable brushless motor built for multi-rotor UAV application. The custom assemble methods and components help to provide the reliability required for a dependable aerial platform.

Looked from size, T-MOTOR MN1804 2400KV is the smallest one, followed by T-MOTOR MN1806 1400KV, T-MOTOR MN2204 2300KV is the largest one. They own high strength construction with light weight, manufactured with high precision CNC. They also offer optional mounting methods for propeller.

t-motor motorst-motor motors
These T-MOTOR Motors are super balance during work, which ensures the healthy functioning of each minor components. Therefore, we can enjoy a powerful and smooth flight experience helped by these agile motors with high speed response and high performance.

T-MOTOR MN1804 2400KV/ MN1806 1400KV/ MN2204 2300KV motors are your first choice of the power system for the aerial photography and reconnaissance.

t-motor motors

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