My first flight experience with Zero Xplorer Vision

Zero Xplorer Vision adopts a great design. You are able to see your GPS’s working conditions through the remote controller. If the light turns red, that means the number of satellites are not enough. While there are adequate satellites when the light is in green, and under this situation, functions of automatically position and return will work normally.

Zero Xplorer Vision
Zero Xplorer Vision’s remote controller provides three modes – entry mode, medium mode and advanced mode. If you operate using entry mode, the drone can’t fly until it searches enough satellites. Therefore, it is not able to fly indoor because GPS signals can not be found in doors. But under this mode, you will feel that you can control the quadcopter at ease, which would be a nice choice for kids and old people. But if you want to take photos for fast moving objectives with complicated flight tracks, i can tell you that this entry mode can’t do that for you.

Operation under medium mode and advanced mode tend to be more agile, which means the drone’s response speed is faster. If these two modes are designed for experts, i think it still needs to be improved.

Zero Xplorer Vision Zero Xplorer Vision
Zero Xplorer Vision has a built-in three-axis gyro that is controlled by dial wheel and speed mode on the remote controller. Simply speaking, gyro’s speed of movement will be accelerated with the the enlarging of angle of the dial wheel.

Zero Xplorer Vision
There are indicator lights below Zero Xplorer Vision’s arms. Green light means sufficient electricity; when the electricity is low, the yellow light will flash; while the red light will flash to alert you when you drone seriously lacks of power. If the yellow light flashes, you’d better return and land. There is also a good design regarding this aspect. When your Zero Xplorer Vision is in great need of power, the controller will shock to make you know that.

Zero Xplorer Vision
The designs of remote controller are also awesome. First of all, it fully shows ergonomic, bringing a controller that is comfortable to hand hold. Secondly, the antennas are short. Thirdly, it is convenient to carry. In addition, there is a row of indicator lights on the controller, showing WIFI signals, flight state, GPS signals and power, which enables you to directly master working conditions of your drone. Furthermore, the controller also offers three practical switches, they are headless mode, one key return and automatic takeoff\land. You just need to slightly press the buttons, you can easily achieve the above functions.

Zero Xplorer Vision
Tabular is the greatest feature of Zero Xplorer Vision’s arms, making the whole drone look unique, scientific.

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  1. The photos of the Xplorer Vision in the air shows the landing down, I thought they’re suppose to retract in flight?

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